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Transform your puppy or dog (and your life) in 14 or 21 days!


Board and Train programs to rehabilitate adult dog behavior, or to embark on puppy training before bad habits are formed, have become a popular and affordable way to get extremely effective professional dog training help. Also called 'in-board' or 'board-in' dog training programs, they allow the family to drop the dog off at the professional dog trainer's location to be completely managed and trained for a set period of time. The families get some training, too, because keeping any dog well-mannered is a team effort that requires a bit of dedication by everyone for awhile. Eventually, everyone gets on the same page with well-informed management habits and correct patterned behavior. With 'board and train' programs, the trainers do most of the work to get things going in exactly the direction your family needs.

'Board and Train' clients receive lifetime support!

21 days to transform your adult dog!

14 days to get your puppy off on the right paw!

Lifetime Training Support for Your Dog and Family!

Graduates of the Dog Board and Train Programs at Taggs K9 get lifetime support. During the time your dog or puppy is boarded and trained at the Taggs K9 ranch, you'll be involved with updates, videos, visits and more. During the intake appointment you'll can spend a couple of hours with the trainer to ensure you are informed about the process and to learn what kind of initial evaluation your dog receives about its unique needs. During the entire process you are involved and informed about how your dog is doing. When you pick up your pet you'll get some training of your own to be sure your signals and habits will continue to reinforce the behavior you want from your little furry family member.  After that, Taggs K9 will continue to be available to help you with any questions or difficulties that arise.

How to Begin Your Transformational Dog Training

CONTACT US or simply call or text 702-497-4062 for a FREE consultation, Ken Jagmin, founder and lead trainer at Taggs K9 Dog Training will personally answer your questions, explain why and how your dog's behavior can be addressed, and suggest several possible options for your unique situation! 

-"Piddler" Puppy Training

10 or more days "In-Board Puppy Training" at Taggs K9: 

Transform your puppy and your life in 10 days!

Includes lifetime support! Qualifies you for exclusive, discount boarding reservations in the future.

Start your puppy right with intensive and caring "boarding plus training" at Taggs K9

You can also enroll your puppy in the longer Canine Clarity program below. 

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-"Canine Clarity" Board and Train Program

All ages - 3 or more weeks at Taggs K9:

Transform your dog and your life in 21 days!

Includes lifetime support! Qualifies you for exclusive, discount boarding reservations in the future.


Leave it to the professionals with safe, compassionate "board and train" at Taggs k9

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- Inquire about Customized Programs

Every dog and family is unique! Call us to chat about your needs.


You may choose to select 'private lesson training' options instead of 'board and train' programs, which require more time on your part but which are also grounded on training you and your dog at the same time. We also offer Virtual Video, Skype or Phone Coaching via live stream or upload video. Our board and Train programs let you relax a bit while the professionals start working intensively with your dog at our location to correct bad habits or get young dogs off to a great start. You and your dog will understand much more about happy, healthy habits for a calm and joyful environment

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