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Graduates of Dog Training Programs at Taggs K9 receive FREE LIFETIME SUPPORT from the lead trainer. They also qualify for exclusive private, discounted boarding at Taggs' Las Vegas dog and puppy training ranch where they can hang out with their friends and get some tune up training.

Your Doggie is Our Doggie, too!

After your training program is over, Taggs K9 continues to support your family by being available to answer your questions and give tune-up advice to reinforce the training that you and your dog received during the training program.*  Lead trainer and founder, Ken J, will personally follow up with you to ensure that the techniques and protocols you learned during the training are being properly reinforced at home. It's not easy! But don't worry, we'll stay with you because we really care that you and your dog have a wonderful relationship and a happy home.  Sometimes a phone call is all that's needed, or you may benefit from additional tools and resources or a quick visit when something from the training isn't 'sticking' for the dog or the handler. You can always just text, email, call or send us a video to get advice!

Your Dog's Home Away From Home

Taggs K9 training ranch offers lifetime, discounted boarding, Exclusively for dogs and puppies who have passed through any of the training programs. (The facility is not open to general boarding for the public.) The home 'pack' and handlers at the facility are a real home and your dog will be happy to hang out with the pack and get tune up training and exercises with the Taggs K9 team! Your family never has to worry about exposure to strange and poor-mannered or dangerous animals. It's got a home crate and a whole ranch playground to run around with the K9 pack buddies. Familiar Taggs K9 staff will walk and tune-up your doggie during it's visits while you go off to do what you need to do. With Taggs K9, you can always count on being able to leave your little friend to caring professionals who know you!

We Teach YOU to be a Good Handler, too...

*Taggs K9 strives to educate the families and handlers of every dog that goes through a training program about the techniques and responsibilities they need to for communicating consistently with their dog or puppy in ways that ensure training success. It's normal to need follow-up reinforcement long term and Taggs K9 is committed to providing reasonable follow up advice to the families for the life of the dog. Some dogs who were trained in short term programs, such as the Piddler program for puppies or short customized training regimens, may need to upgrade to the next level of program training but will receive reasonable training support between programs anyway. Taggs K9 reserves the right to suspend it's offer of lifetime support for handlers or families who make no effort to incorporate the training techniques discussed during training programs. In such cases, Tagg K9 will make recommendations for tune-up training which may involve re-enrollment in a training program or other custom curriculum.

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