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Happy Families: Client Testimonials

We love to earn awesome client testimonials from happy families who learned the tools for raising puppies into well-trained dogs or correcting unwanted adult dog habits or unsafe misbehavior.

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With Ken's help my girl Penny and I have a pleasant walk without pulling or running. Ken is so patient and you can see how he truly loves the animals. In 5 weeks I learned how to walk her nicely on leash, get her to stay on her bed and not jump on people. I would recommend Taggs K9 to anyone.

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Highly recommend Taggs K9. Ken, Kat and Andrew are very knowledgeable,professional and patient. We did the board in training which is 21 days and we see such an improvement in our 1 year one Rottie Joey! Joey was having issues with being a knuckle head and just didn’t want to listen. They explain everything we needed to do on our end to keep Joey on track with what he learned. Everyone is so nice and treated our puppy like their own. They are always there to help us with anything we need more help on. Facility is very clean. Highly recommend for any type of dog training you won’t regret it. Thank you again Ken, Kat & Andrew! Joey says hello!

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I enrolled my Great Dane into private lessons to work on basic obedience as well as his confidence. We worked through his insecurities and by the end of training he was a much more confident dog. Also, given his size being a giant breed the basic obedience has really helped me feel confident in handling him given at 1 years old he’s already 140+ lbs and bigger than me. One perk is that after passing training if I ever need someone to watch him I can board him with Taggs and know he’s in good hands and being held to the same standards as he was while initially in training. They also hold group classes to continue with training as well as exposure to other dogs in a control environment.
Definitely recommend!

Golden Retriever


Ken was truly amazing! He took the time to really get to know me and my dog. He developed an individualized plan to meet our needs. I feel like my dog and I have made so much progress and that Ken has given me the tools to continue to work with my dog even after our 1-on-1 sessions have been completed.

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Life is so much better! I look forward to continued success. We made the right choice choosing Ken at Taggs K9 as our trainer.


Want more? We are proud to earn many verified client testimonials and 5-star reviews on Google Business!

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