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New Puppy Home Setup and Training Package


The New Puppy Home Setup and Training Package by Taggs K9's mobile dog training service in Las Vegas is a complete training and household setup program. Our IACP certified professional dog and puppy trainers come to your home to help you get your space, family and new puppy established according all the right guidelines. We'll make sure you have the right instructions, equipment, startup training and continued support to get your home ready for a lifetime with a well-mannered, obedient dog. Before any bad behavior becomes a problem, you can "start off on the right paw" to help avoid potty training trouble, barking, jumping, destructive habits, poor eating etiquette, fearfulness, aggression and other typical problems.

New Puppy In-Home Setup & Training 

  • One 1-hour initial set up and training session at your home

  • One 1-hour follow up training session at your home after 1-2 Weeks

  • Advice on customized selection of gear and food

  • Four 30-minute phone appointment sessions

  • Unlimited responses to your random questions

  • $300 discount on future Private Lesson or Board-And-Train Programs

  • Get Immediate Assistance!

  • This is the "2022 Special" (gift price $499 thru 2/14/22)

The First Few Months With Your Family are Critical

Need INSTANT HELP?  Just call, text or email for a rapid response! 


You need 'in home' support for very young puppies. Until your new puppy is at least four months old, you can't take it out to any locations where it may be exposed to other dogs, or even to other people who are around dogs. During this time your puppy is getting it's first vaccines and is very vulnerable to serious diseases like parvo that are easy to contract through the air and can be tragic and even deadly. This is also the best time period to acclimatize your new puppy to proper eating, leash control, socializing, sleeping and denning habits that are natural to dogs if done properly. It's also the period of time when the family is likely to accidentally allow bad behavior to begin without even knowing that they are unconsciously setting up the dog for failure and starting on a path to misery and even danger for the household.  But don't worry... all that negative potential is COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE! Once your family knows what to do, it's not difficult to get everybody on the same page for a joyful life together!

2023 Special Offer


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