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10 Day Puppy Training Teaches Puppies Foundational Good Behavior

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

The "Piddler" board-in program at Taggs K9, is a 10 day puppy training regimen that teaches puppies the foundations of good behavior that every little new doggie needs to make their family proud.

Transform your Puppy and Your Life in 10 days!

In less than 2 weeks your new puppy can learn all the basics your family needs for a happy experience in the home. Puppy training with Taggs K9 in Las Vegas can help your puppy become calm, learn potty training, walk nicely on a leash, know how to relate socially to other dogs and people, and will sleep in its own private den box all night long while the family rests peacefully, too! Voted A Best Dog Trainer in Las Vegas, NV, Taggs K9 can help your family get the new puppy off to a great start!

The Piddler Puppy Training Program: 10 days of Professional Care and Training in Las Vegas

Professional board and train programs are a great choice for inexperienced families who don't know much about proper dog behavior training or for people who are just too busy to take the time every puppy deserves. And not every family has all the stimulation in their home environment that puppies need to be exposed to when learning how to socialize with humans and other animals. Not sure you are doing the right thing? Want to make sure you handle this critical time in the right way? Professional help is highly recommended and will set your family on a trajectory that lasts for the lifetime of your little furry family member. The whole family is happier and safer with a well-trained puppy or dog.

This video explains the board and train Piddler program that lets you drop your puppy off for 10 days (or a few more if needed - no extra charge) to be handled by the professionals at the Taggs K9 training ranch. They'll guide the puppy 24-7 to help it love it's little box den where it will love to sleep quietly all night, and other foundational puppy training needs such as how to be nice on the leash, how to behave calmly with people and dogs, and how to do their doodie when and where you want.

Choose "Board and Train" Professional Puppy Training or Private Lessons

For families who will miss their puppy too much to drop it off at the professional's locations for a couple of weeks, that's OK. You can get help for your puppy with private training lessons at Taggs K9 or your location, too.

Got Questions? Just call for your FREE 30 minute starter lesson and consultation!

Watch Casper the Pomeranian Learn to Play!

You can watch the cutie pomeranian puppy Casper (The Friendly Ghost!) learn to play at the Taggs K9 dog training ranch with one of the regular pack dogs who's always ready to lend a paw.

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