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Board-In Dog Training - Transform Your Dog and Your Life in 21 days with Board and Train Program

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

The 21 Day Board-In Training Program for adult dogs at Taggs K9 in Las Vegas Teaches Dogs Foundational Good Behavior. Transform your dog and your life in just 21­­­ days while you relax at home! And get continued support for life with the Taggs lifetime guarantee for program graduates.

Learn Why Professional Dog Training Helps Your Dog And Your Family - in just 3 weeks!

When you drop your dog off for professional training while it stays at the training ranch, you can be assured that it's getting loving care and intensive, positive lessons about minding your at home or out on the leash, controlling its impulses, becoming calm and confident that its serving you well. After just 3 weeks at the training ranch with the Taggs K9 professionals, your dog will learn to love it's little den 'box', sleeping all night long while your rest in bed. The foundational training your dog receives gives it the right state of mind that lasts a lifeime -- not just a few tricks that only work occassionally. Your dog will know how to safely socialize with humans and other animals, how to behave on a leash or off the leash, how to control it's natural doodie and wee wee impulses and so much more. The dog actually WANTS to know how to please you and is grateful when you are a good 'boss doggie' who guides the dog toward the deserved rewards it craves.

Owners Get Dog Obedience and Handling Guidance Too!

Part of the board and train progam includes extensive education opportunities for the family, too. Owners need to understand the importance of nutrition, body language, voice, setting up a great environment, and how to advocate for your dog in every situation so that it's always safe and content.

"Board-in" Versus "Private Dog" Training: Not sure?

Private training is a good option, too. But it does take a lot longer and more responsibility to get the dog on track falls on you. That said, it's really fun to get private lessons with just you, your doggie and the trainer in different environments ranging from your home to the training ranch to public locations. Just call to ask about our options if you are not sure... your first 30 minute phone lesson and consultation is always FREE!

Learn more about the 21 Day Board and Train Adult Dog Program at

Got Questions? We want to HELP!

Just call for your FREE 30 minute starter lesson and consultation!

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