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Dog Crate Training Progress with Willie the Rescue Dog

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Willie is doing great with crate training after only a few days. He is a new "board and train" student dog getting intensive behavior training at Taggs K9 Dog Training in Las Vegas. This rescue dog is learning to understand that the dog 'crate' or 'box' is a safe and comfortable place to sleep, get treats and hang out. Many people don't know that most dogs, if properly trained to love their home crate, actually like to hang out there because it satisfies a primal 'denning' instinct. Taggs K9 can help your dog learn with 'board and train' programs or private training at your location.

Crate training for any dog or puppy is a recognized safe practice for the animal and also gives the family good structure and breathing room to enjoy the home when doing activities in the house that don't need to include interaction with the dog. This is great for Willie who was rescued and needs some safe, structured environment and behaviors to become all he can be. Dog rehabilitation and rescue is a beautiful thing! For dogs who haven't been properly introduced to a 'crate', it's never to late to learn. For puppies it's a great way to start them off and helps with potty training manners, too!

Crate Training Keeps Dogs Safe, Calm and Happy

Any dog or puppy that lives in a home with multiple animals, busy families, owners that go away daily, or small children would especially benefit by learning how to love their own personal crate. Ahhh.... they'll look at you and say "what a great crib I have, thanks!" Dogs who will be boarded when the family is away should really be taught about denning in their crates properly. This takes time and many families accidentally start off on the wrong foot. So, if you don't have the patience, time or knowlege to do it yourself, please consider asking a professional dog trainer for help. If you are trying to train this yourself and the dog is responding negatively, please stop what you are doing for the dog's sake (and yours!) until you get professional guidance. Your dog will thank you and you'll love the results, too.

Get Professional Crate Training Help from Las Vegas, NV

Taggs K9 Dog and Puppy Training is located in Las Vegas, NV. You can get private lessons or let the professionals train your dog while it's boarded at the training ranch. Locals love it, or it's a great place to have your dog professionally trained while visiting Las Vegas. Call for a FREE consultation. Virtual video lessons also available. Taggs K9 has earned many verified 5 star reviews on Google Business and was voted 'A #1 Dog Training Company."

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