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Dog Food Tips and Nutrition Information from Las Vegas Dog Trainer at Taggs K9

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Keep your dog healthy with dog food tips and nutrition recommendations from Las Vegas lead Dog trainer at Taggs K9 dog training ranch. Choosing the right kibble, freeze-dried raw powder, frozen beef, adding tuna or broth to dry food, strategizing smart use of cheap snacks and other tips will make the difference for your dog and your wallet.

Dog Kibble, Dried Raw, Dog Training Treats and Snacks and Nutritional information

Watch the video to find about about different kinds of dog food, how to read the nutrition lables, where to get the best products and what exact brands and products the dog trainers use at the Taggs K9 dog training ranch in Las Vegas. Ken Jagmin is founder and lead trainer at Taggs K9 and is a certified trainer registered with the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

As Ken said, and Amazon are good places to get all these products of your local store doesn't carry them.

Private and In-Board Training at Taggs K9 Includes Dog Nutrition Education

You'll get reading information and personal coaching about your specific dog or puppy from the trainers at Taggs K9. Learn more about Taggs K9 dog and puppy training in Las Vegas from the website menu selections such as private lessons training or board-and-train. Don't hesitate to call for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation if you have any questions or issues with nutrition or feeding your furry little friend!

The documentary mentioned in this video is "Pet Fooled" and this is their trailer. Call Ken at Taggs K9 if you have any questions! There are more nutrition videos in our client information page at

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