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Dog Obedience and Behavior Problems That Can Be Fixed at Taggs K9 Dog Training Ranch

Got Dog Problems? There's still hope! This video helps you learn about the typical dog obedience and behavior problems people call about for help -- that can all be fixed! The Taggs K9 dog training ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada uses virtual online video coaching, private lessons and intensive board-in training programs to train any puppy or dog, or to rehabilitate rescue dogs and family canines with unwanted behavior.

Dog Behavior Can Be Quickly Transformed with Some Foundational Training

As Ken explains, you may have one or two "911" problems that are driving you crazy, and they can be fixed! But usually those are indicators of foundational conditions in the home that actually spawn even more trouble. This can all be addressed with love and compassion for any dog or puppy. A few adjustments that change the balance in the relationship between dog an family is usually the main course of action and is generally easier than most people think. In some cases, the dog has serious issues that can be dangerous... which can also be fixed! Dog psychology and conditioning is a very special topic -- dog are NOT like humans, as much as we like to think so. A certified, professional dog trainer like Ken can quickly transform your dog to be happy, safe and beyond obedient.

Jumping, Barking, Potty Training, Leash Pulling, Biting, Fighting, Chewing... We Know What to Do!

Typical Dog Obedience and Behavior Problems that can be fixed include:

Jumping on people

Stealing food off the counter

Chewing on furniture

Excessive barking

Leash pulling

Leash reactivity

Howling at night

Potty issues

Won't come back when called

Fighting other dogs

Nipping and biting


Dog Rehabilitation in Las Vegas (or Online/Phone from Anywhere!)

Need help training your dog or puppy in Las Vegas? Want to try coaching via Skype, Zoom, Facetime etc from anywhere? Just call Taggs K9, voted A Best Dog Trainer in Las Vegas. Taggs K9 teaches dog obedience or corrects all canine behavior problems for any dog or puppy. Board in training (we train while boarding), private lessons at your location, or virtual online coaching are great options to choose from. Regular professional boarding without training is also available.

Puppy and adult dog unwanted behavior and aggression specialists.

Free Consultations.

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