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Dog Trainer and Dodger the German Shepherd Puppy Show How to De-escalate Dog Tension Situations

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Las Vegas professional Dog Trainer Ken J. demonstrates how to de-escalate dog tension with Dodger the German Shephard puppy -- without overcorrecting the dog's excitement. Dodger and Casper are meeting for the first time through the glass door, but guess what... no problem! Both puppies are naturally excited, but Ken shows how your calm guidance can diffuse a potentially nerve-wracking scenario. You can apply the concept here to many situations where a dog is not sure if he is in a dangerous situation or not, relying on your guidance to stay safe and remain calm.

Understanding The Dog's State of Mind: Don't Over Correct Normal Tension. Just be Cool and Move Along...

Understanding your dog's state of mind will help you properly guide it through tense scenarios without making mistakes that escalate unnecessary and unhealthy excitement in your dog.

It's not necessary to over correct your dog or become nervous yourself when a tense situation is presented. (Of course, be mindful of situations where anyone is actually in imminent danger.) But for most normal scenarios that are merely 'exciting' to the dog, in fact, it's better to remain calm yourself, and gently move the dog to a new location as if nothing much is happening. The dog just needs to know that the situation is not a threat, so you should act that way and go to a calm place. Ken shows in this video that you can calmly let the dog absorb a situation that's exciting and then move along. You are demonstrating that you are in charge, you have it all handled, there is nothing to fear, and the dog will calm down as a result.

Be Calm and Protect Your Dog With Intelligent Guidance

In this video, even the charged-up german shephard puppy Dodger experiences only a few moments of inquisitive excitement when presented with another dog on the other side of a glass door. Ken gently eases the dog's state of mind and then de-escalates by moving and showing positive control and protection safety to Dodger a few feet away. The worst thing you can do is get excited yourself, loose control of your own voice or body language energy, and perform over correction or punishment for a non-threatening scenario like the one in this video.

Another free dog training tip from Taggs K9 Las Vegas! Need help with your puppy or dog? Just call in for your free 30 minute phone session for good advice and recommendations. We want your family to be happy with your puppy or adult dog... how can we help?

Warning: do not present your dog with any threatening situations. Consult professional dog trainers for help.

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Bloggie Doggie
Bloggie Doggie
Nov 16, 2019

Have not seen that one, GreenSally57. Thanks for asking and for reading the blog.


Hey, Bloggie Doggie I was wondering if you have heard of this dog training course before?

It looks like a great program to help people train their dogs, I was just looking for some opinions before I made my decision.

By the way I love the content you have been posting lately!

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