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How Much Dog Food Should You Feed Your Dog?

How much dog food you should feed your dog depends on its current health and normal weight, how much exercise you give it, and what kind of food and treats you feed it. Ken at Taggs K9 dog training in Las Vegas explains how to know if your dog is a little too fat or skinny and he gives you some ideas for making the dog bowl more interesting and healthy for your dog.

Feed Your Dog Quality Food with Variety and Watch Its Health

How much is too much? Look at the nutrition and instruction label on the bag or box of the food. But keep in mind that your dog will need more or less than the basic suggestions depending on its exercise level and other factors. If it's already to heavy, give less. If it's a bit skinny, give it more and supplement with good protein sources.

Remember that the water intake will affect how dry kibble expands in the dogs stomach and how it digests. That water absorption is a good reason you can also use tuna water, broth, plain water and other ideas to add to dry kibble for variety. Cut up some slices of ground beef now and then, especially if it's finicky and skinny or very active.

Consult with Your Veterinarian!

Normal dogs with normal activity levels can use basic guidelines. But, just like humans, if there is any kind of health concern you should consult your veterinarian. Especially go to the vet if your dog won't eat, won't excercise, vomits, has diarrhea or constipation or is listless. The minute your dog act abnormal, go immediately to a vet because serious issues such as poisening or the parvo virus can quickly cause permanent harm or death.

Got basic questions about your dog? Call Ken!

Our certified trainer can help with dog nutrition and excercise questions. Problems with diet or exercise are often a root cause for a dog with behavior issues, too. It's all related!

Call or contact Taggs K9 for help. We care about every dog and family. Let us help you!

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