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Las Vegas Dog Training Introduction Private Lesson and Evaluation Only $99 Dollars

Take advantage of the unbeatable introductory private lesson and evaluation session at the Taggs K9 dog trainer ranch for just $99 dollars. And get $99 credit for future training program enrollement. Bring your dog or puppy to Ken for a 1-2 hour private lesson and evaluation to get guidance on fixing your immediate issues and setting goals, and also get personalized advice on what to do with your individual dog for future training if needed. If you need more training and decide to enroll in a full program after that you can apply the $99 to your program cost to your future full program enrollment. How good is that! In your puppy or dog training private lesson and evaluation session your family and your dog get 100% attention from the trainer - no sharing time with other dog owners and their dogs. Plus, Ken will still be available after your lesson to answer quick follow up questions, help you solve problems with your progress and guide you with some phone or video help.

Before you decide you can begine with your FREE 30 minute phone start up lesson and consultation!

Focused One-On-One Private Dog Training Just for YOU

Jagmin is a certified trainer with the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and is dedicated to making dogs and their families happy! He does not just enroll people into a cookie-cutter training program and leave you alone to do your best without any support after you get a lesson. In fact, dogs who graduate from the full training programs get training support for LIFE and are eligible to make exclusive boarding reservations at the ranch!

You will learn to handle your dog from foundational knowledge to individual commands. Common problems and goals that can be addressed in a single introduction lesson and evaluation include potty training, basic commands, sleep schedules and control, aggression, fearfulness, bad leash manners such as pulling or resisting, jumping on people, failure to obey, food and diet issues, poor exercise habits due to lack of knowlege about options, and much more. YOUR dog and family are unique and you deserve to get one-on-one attention to focus on your specific needs. After your lesson you can apply your $99 to the Taggs K9 dog and puppy training intensive "Canine Clarity" programs (either private lessons or the immersive board-in program.) Or you can inquire about a totally customize program to suite your goals and budget.

Find Out Why Taggs K9 Dog Is A #1 Dog Training Company in Las Vegas!

Voted A Best Dog Trainer in Las Vegas, NV, Taggs K9 teaches you to be the boss doggy to help you handl your dog for good obedience and to correct all behavior problems for any dog or puppy. Board in training (we train while boarding), private lessons at your location, or virtual online coaching are great options to choose from. Regular professional boarding without training is also available. Taggs K9 knows how to stop puppy and adult dog unwanted behavior and are dog aggression specialists.

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