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Pressure and Release Dog Leash Training with Heidi the Rottwieler

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Teaching dogs the language of "pressure and release" with leash training is a foundational technique. This doggie Heidi is a 'board and train' canine student who is learning the early basics of leash training and good leash manners. Good canine behavior begins with teaching the dog how to relax and perform a specific behavior when pressure is applied. They want to do this instrinsically so that the human can then release them from the pressure. The feel like it's a great reward for a simple action.

Ken Helps Heidi with Pressure and Release on a Slip Leash

Ken is using a plain slip collar to help this rottwieler learn to feel pressure and release from the leash, and also to see and hear what the human wants them to do. Dogs learn to understand many 'lessons' (like sit) based on the foundation of receiving pressure and being released when their behavior is correct. Dogs will feel more comfortable when walking or just living at their home if they know what the job is that their human buddy wants from them! This is a common way to help then learn what the human wants, which makes them happier and calmer. We don't like it when dogs pull the leash, jump around, pounce and won't sit - and the dogs aren't happy either! This kind of training, starting with the dog training language of 'pressure and release' helps make the dog become more balanced and well mannered, which makes for happy families and it's creates a much safer situation whenever the dog is out in public, too.

Caution: Attempt Dog Leash Training with Pressure Under Supervision

These dog training actions from the professional dog trainer in this video are very subtle. Do not attempt this at home if your dog is not responding, seek professional help immediately instead. Do not attempt this on small dog breeds with sensitive throats and tracheas unless under professional supervision. Do not leave your dog unattended while on any kind of leash.

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