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Why Taggs K9 Professional Dog Training Works for a Lifetime of Harmony with your Dog

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

At the Taggs K9 dog training ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada, dogs and puppies learn foundational communication with people that goes far beyond basic 'tricks' like stay and sit. It's really deep and grounded learning that starts a lifetime of harmony between families and their pooches.

Why Taggs K9 was voted a #1Dog Training Company in Las Vegas

Lead dog trainer and founder of Taggs K9, Ken Jagmin, explains why it's so important and worthwhile to start from the ground up with serious training that can get a young dog off to a good start, or that can help rehabilitate an old doggie with bad behavior habits. Helping families understand how to handle their dog is part of the equation and Taggs K9 provides extensive coaching and follow up support for the life of doggies who graduate from the professional puppy and adult dog training programs. Tune up training, phone calls, support videos and extra return visits help Taggs K9 graduates stay focused and happy so the family and dog can always be all they can be!

The Taggs K9 Ranch is Your Doggie's Home Away From Home

Taggs K9 graduates get lifetime support and exclusive access to private boarding at the Las Vegas dog training facility, which is not open to the public. This video is helpful for any family considering professional dog training anywhere in the world. The professionals at Taggs K9 in Las Vegas, NV really care about happy dogs and puppies, and this video will help dog owners everywhere understand why professional dog training is one of the best decisions any family can make to gain many years of happy harmony with their furry family members! Whether you know nothing about dogs and training, or if you've done some training with your furry friends in the past, this video will enlighten anyone about the benefits of techniques and foundations for helping a dog and family be all it can be for many years to come!

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