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Wilson the Coon Hound Obeys Trainer Commands in Distracted Environment at Lowe's Las Vegas

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

This YouTube video shows how a trained dog will obey commands in a distracted environment like a busy Lowe's store in Las Vegas, NV. Ken the Taggs K9 trainer is showing Wilson the Coon Hound how to stay calm and focused in a public place with scarey noises, people, machines, echo, lights and almost every other kind of distraction.

Leash Training Technology Helps During Board-In Training

After a combination of leash training with several leash technologies, Wilson learns to pay attention to stimulus from the trainer. Wilson is able to remain calm and obey the trainer's requests. Notice how the dog is fairly comfortable, so it's not just all about demanding obedience... the dog, the handler and the people in the environment will be happy and safe. But Wilson will heel, walk nicely on a loose leash, halt when told and never pull on the leash. This kind of training result is typical of "board-in" training with a certified, professional dog trainer which allows the handlers and caretakers to have full attention with the dog 24/7 to train it to behave in the house, on the leash, out in public and to address specific behaviors the dog needs to understand.

"Board-In' Training at Taggs K9 Provides Video Updates for the Family

This video was one of several that were made to show the dog's family how Wilson is doing as he gets board-in training at the Taggs K9 dog training ranch in Las Vegas, NV. The family will also receive LIFETIME SUPPORT to help Wilson the Coon Hound be all he can be! Learn more about 'board-in' dog training, also called 'board and train' on the "Board and Train" page of this website or other Taggs K9 videos on the YouTube channel.

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