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PRIVATE Dog Training Lessons

Our private dog training lessons in Las Vegas focus on your family's needs. Our professional dog trainers can work with you at home or you can visit Taggs K9 training ranch. 

About Private Dog Behavior Lessons at Taggs K9 or Your Location

Watch the video to learn about Private Dog Training Services in Las Vegas Nevada with professional IACP trainer and founder Ken Jagmin.  Also starring Eric and student puppy Casper. Private training lessons usually take place at the Taggs K9 training ranch just minutes from almost any location in the Las Vegas valley and Clark County. It's great to bring your dog or puppy to Taggs because the distractions and environment give your dog the best advantage to learn good behavior. But private lessons can be held at your home or office, too. And video is a great tool to supplement focused, individualized interaction between you and your pet.  There is homework for the humans, of course!  


Private Lesson Programs: Your Location or Taggs K9 Ranch

-"Canine Clarity" Private Lesson Program at Taggs K9

All ages - 5 weeks at Taggs K9:
The best option for training along with your dog at Taggs K9 training ranch.


Includes Lifetime Support!  Qualifies you for exclusive discount private boarding in the future.

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-"Private Lessons" at Your Location

Inquire for price and custom curriculum

$ price varies
Whatever you need at your home or office, we'll design a program for you.

More training options:

If you feel that intensive attention from the trainers at Taggs would be more successful or time-friendly for your lifestyle, consider the 'in-board' training programs at Taggs where the trainers can do most of the foundation work to get your family off to a good start.  You can also take advantage of affordable 'virtual video', Skype and/or phone coaching sessions. 

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