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Virtual, Video, Skype & Phone Dog Training Sessions

Virtual video dog training sessions are possible via online streaming consultations (through Skype or many other free video streaming platforms) or by evaluation of your home-made videos OR PICTURES that you upload to YouTube or other video sharing technology. If you are not video saavy, don't worry, we can just use phone pictures or live Skype, or any method you are comfortable with... no video uploads or pictures or streaming is necessary. Live sessions of any kind can give you the opportunity to show or describe your dog in its environment to the trainer who is live on the line with you. If you know how you can just take a video or pictures with your phone, upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or any free cloud drive (like Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive) then share a link to that video with Taggs. The Taggs dog trainer can assess the video or images and discuss advice with you over the phone, Skype or any method you prefer. We can help you with the video or image technology when you are ready for your "virtual video" dog training session. Don't know how? Just call!

Virtual Video (or Skype/phone) Sessions are Easy and Affordable

  • Your First 30 minute Phone Consultation:

Always FREE!

Just call, text or email and we'll start helping you by phone.​

Watch the video or CLICK TO get details...

  • One Virtual Coaching Lesson

A One-hour session with videos/streaming/Skype/phone

$29.95! ​

We help you by discussing your uploaded videos

or we can schedule a one-hour live streaming session​.​​ 

Or we can just chat with phone or Skype... no video required!

Your purchase can be applied to future program enrollment

(must reserve program enrollment within 60 days of the session)

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Lessons and Advice Using Video: Live or Upload

(or just your Phone... or Skype, etc)

Ken Jagmin Certified Dog Trainer in Virt

All clients who enroll in our 'board and train' programs receive video updates and private lesson reminder videos anyway! But you can also get quick and affordable help to start troubleshooting specific behavior issues in your home with video sessions over the Internet or by sending us a video or texted/emailed pictures to get things going. Start by calling for a free consultation about what issue you need to quickly troubleshoot and we'll give you thoughtful advice about your unique situation. After your free consultation you can decide if a virtual video dog training session is a good choice, or if you want to pursue more lasting training such as private lesson or 'board and train' programs. With the Taggs K9 Virtual Video and Live Coaching service we are always here for you with quick troubleshooting advice or tune ups that are targeted for your unique dog and family situation.

We love video...  Watch us on YouTube!

Many Dog Training Videos On Taggs K9 Dog
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