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About IACP Canine Professional Dog Trainers

About Taggs K9 Founder and IACP Professional Dog Trainer, Ken Jagmin: Also known as "The Walk Doctor", Ken is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). He is also a 'recommended trainer' for Las Vegas by IACP trainer Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer." Ken will teach you and your Las Vegas dog and family the key to a happily structured home life with private coaching, board-in training or online lessons. 


With a life time passion for dogs, and the proud owner of 6 (yes 6) dogs, Kenneth has developed a deep appreciation for the family dog.  He has created a training program that is unique to Las Vegas as it’s centered around communication between a dog and their human companion. His motto of “it’s never the dog, but the lack of understanding between the dog and owner,” has allowed Kenneth to help break down the wall of canine communication in a basic way to allow the owners to develop a better relationship between the dog and their family.


As a professional member of the IACP, International Association of Canine Professionals (member # P5977), Ken decided to close his contracting business, and open a private training company, Taggs K9 Family Dog Training. This allowed him to focus on his passion, helping people develop and have a happy, healthy dog.   


His foundational program called the “Walk Doctor” has helped many clients meet their “new best friend”, and  by the end of first session he has them agreeing that the key to a happy, healthy dog begins with and ends with a nice structured home life and walk.


Kenneth works with all types of dogs, sizes and attitudes. Yard time is a great way to help a dog develop quality socialization skills, burn off some excess energy and find quality opportunities to help dogs develop better manners. Kenneth’s “mind your manners” approach has helped both canines and humans develop better communication skills by bridging the gap of understanding by teaching proper  structure and communication both inside and outside the home.


If you have a dog that you want to have a better relationship with,contact Ken at Taggs K9 Family Dog Training to schedule a free consultation. Together we can help reach your goal of a Happy, Healthy Dog and introduce you to your NEW BEST FRIEND.

See client testimonials on our 'Happy Famlies' and Home pages, or check out our many verified 5-star Google reviews!

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