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How To Control Your Dog's State of Mind, Stress and Pressure for Obedience Training and Safety

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

It's important for you to know how to control your dog's state of mind to help him respond correctly to pressure and stress. This is a foundation of obedience training and a critical aspect of safety for your dog, your family and the public.

Be Aware of the Environment and Control the Pressures on Your Dog

During a walk-and-train exercise with Dodger the german shepherd puppy, Ken demonstrates how to control your dog's state of mind, stress and pressure for obedience training and safety. Starting with how to exit through a door to go for a walk and ending with a situation that could potentially trigger an unsafe reaction with other animals or humans, you can see how to control your dog's energy and mental state to be obedient and calm. Sometimes, leaving an area or putting something between the dog and a stress trigger in the enviroment is the best course of action.

Your Energy and Leadership Comes Before Verbal Commands and Constant Correction

Notice that continuous correction is not necessarily the best approach for helping your dog understand what to do. Keeping it calm and focused on what you want involves giving it the right instruction and also controlling aspects of the environment and your position in it. Your energy and leadership is a priority, even above your verbal command or corrections. Whenever you and your dog are around strangers or other animals, be sure to have awareness of situations that could result in dangerous encounters. Leaving the area or putting an object (including yourself) between your dog and the trigger is ALWAYS the best decision if there is any doubt at all about how your dog or the other animals/humans might react to any scenario. As Ken explains, this is your responsibility, which he calls 'advocating for your dog.' Don't set up your dog for a bad or tragic outcome by failing to recognize potential dangers and failing to avoid them. YOU are there to protect and reassure your dog that your leadership is always going to be safe. And it's the right thing to do for yourself and everyone else, too.

Dodger the German Shepherd Puppy Is Going Through a 21 Day Training Transformation

Dodger the german shepherd is in the 21 day 'Board and Train' program at Taggs K9 Dog Training Ranch. In just 3 weeks he will be trainsformed from a silly puppy who doesn't mind anyone into a mindful and calm dog who is happy to follow his leader's every wish. https://www.taggsk9.com/board-and-train

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