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Voted A Best Dog Trainer in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Voted A Best Dog Trainer in Las Vegas, NV, Taggs K9 teaches obedience or corrects all behavior problems for any dog or puppy. Board in training (we train while boarding), private lessons at your location, or virtual online coaching are great options to choose from.

Puppy and adult dog unwanted behavior and aggression specialists.

Free Consultations.

Whether you're dealing with annoying behaviors or something more serious, we can help. Inquire about private lessons, board-in training and online virtual sessions from wherever you are. Yes, you CAN achieve a happy family with some basic tools and guidance for raising puppies into well-trained dogs or for correcting unwanted adult dog habits or unsafe misbehavior.

Experience and Compassion Make Taggs K9 a Best Dog Trainer in Las Vegas, NV

Ken "The Walk Doctor", is a member of International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) He will teach you and your dog the key to a happily structured home life with private coaching, boarding training programs or online consulting sessions.

Taggs K9 in Las Vegas, Nevada also offers safe, professional boarding with loving care, walking and play opportunities around the clock. Whether you live in Las Vegas or want to fly in with your pet to be boarded just minutes off the strip, contact Taggs K9 about custom options.

Puppy training and short or long programs for adult dogs are available.

FREE phone consultations!

Learn more about Ken and the International Association of Canine Professional (IACP) https://www.taggsk9.com/about

Board and Train Programs, In-Person Lessons or Virtual Online Sessions https://www.taggsk9.com/services

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