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New Puppy Training: 4 month old puppy "Honey" learning come, down and place

This clip with Honey the puppy demonstrates the many hours of work that a trainer will do for you to teach your new puppy to learn basic commands like come, place and lay down. Honey is a 4 month old puppy who has already been doing repetitive training for these basic commands (and others) for many hours with the trainers at Taggs K9 dog and puppy training ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada. The trainer will continue this practice with Honey for 3 weeks just to instill basics as part of the 'board and train' puppy training "Piddler Program." Some puppies are trained at the Taggs K9 dog and puppy training ranch with private one-on-one lessons over the course of 9 weeks, which is a program that allows the puppy to stay at home and just comes to the ranch for training with the family.

Puppy Training Actually Takes A Year and Taggs K9 Offers Lifetime Support

It takes up to a year for a puppy's obedience to really stick and become natural behavior with humans. That's why Taggs K9 dog training offers lifetime support for the families of puppies and dogs who graduate from its board-in or intensive private lesson dog and puppy training programs. New puppies get intensive obedience and mental/physical stability training and their families get instruction on how to give proper commands and reinforce the trainer's lessons after the puppy comes home. Taggs K9 lifetime support helps families when they are having trouble with their puppy if new bad habits arise, or if they forget what to do, or if they need a bit of tune-up instruction with their puppy. All of which is very typical and which is way short-term puppy training lessons at the park or pet store can have disappointing outcomes.

Puppy Training Videos are Helpful, But Nothing Beats Professional Puppy Trainer Support

Videos that show how to train your puppy are very useful. But if you are not committed to daily reinforcement and spending many hours of foundational training you may not be as successful as you hope. Well, that's why board-in puppy training (where the puppy stays with the trainer for awhile) or intensive private lessons with a trainer are useful and popular. Instead of you trying to accomplish a complex and stressful effort on your own, you can hire trainers to do most of the 'heavy lifting' for giving your puppy foundational obedience training and troubleshooting issues that are unique to your puppy or family. And it's guaranteed to be done right.

Taggs K9 also posts private help videos just for each puppy or dog that is in training, so the families can see the puppy's training progress and to use as reminders about what to do with their little buddy when it's at home. It's part of the contant service you need for complete training that not only teaches commands but instills the correct state of mind for the dog and family.

Dog Training and Obedience Failure Often Started When the Dog Was a Puppy

One of the most common reasons that an adult dog ends up needing intensive corrective training after it's caused a lot of headachea, no fault of its own, is due to lack of correct training or treatment while it was a puppy. So, one of the best investments your family can make when they get a new puppy is professional training. Even a small amount of professional help to get your puppy trained in the beginning will save on stress, vet expenses, house cleaning and destroyed possession issues, disruptions to the family's activities and environment, and incorrect punishment when the dog doesn't understand what it's supposed to do because it's not getting the right direction. Make sure everyone's happy forever with a bit of basic professional help at the start and you'll never regret it! It's the humane thing to do for your animal as well - and for all the other animals in your home, too.

One Professional Training Session Can Go A Long Way

Even a short training session to get professional guidance with your puppy will add years of happiness to the puppy's life and the life of the whole family, not to mention saving money in the log run because you end up with a grown up "good doggie!"

FREE Puppy Training Consultations

If you live in Las Vegas or might bring your dog to town for a vacation soon, Taggs K9 would love the opportunity to make sure you and your puppy start off on the right paw. Call for a free consultation!

National Helpline by Phone/Video/Streaming to Help Your Puppy and Family!

Don't live in Las Vegas? Take advantage of the phone/online discount help line where you can get personalized help via phone, uploaded videos or live streaming media!

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