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Pomeranian Puppy Casper Learning How to Play Safely

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

This pomeranian puppy "Casper" (The Friendly Ghost) is learning how to play safely with other doggies at the Taggs K9 dog boarding and training ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's about to graduate from the 10 day board-and-train canine puppy program at Taggs K9 dog training school where he's learning everything he needs to be part of a happy family. Today is about safe play with other dogs, but Casper and his family have been learning all about leash manners, how to mind around strangers and anyone in the family's home, potty training, sleeping calmly at night, best nutrition and special wishes important to the family. Notice how quiet and happy he is, only 4 and a half months old.

Taggs K9 Dog and Puppy Training and Boarding is in Las Vegas, NV (Board and Train, Private lessons at any location, & Online Video Coaching) Taggs K9 mission is to create happy families! Any pup or adult doggie can benefit from board-and-train programs. Or, consider private dog or puppy training lessons at your family's location or online with live video coaching or uploaded video consultations. You and your canine can learn to foster happy habits for your puppy or rehabilitate any adult dog's unwanted behavior.

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