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Train Your Dog to Wait at Thresholds Starting At The Crate, like Dodger the German Shepherd Puppy

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

The lead trainer at Taggs K9 demonstrates how important it is to train your dog to wait at doors and thresholds, starting at the crate, before bolting through you without your permission. Dodger the german shepherd puppy is just starting to learn about how to wait, how to feel safe and comfy in his crate, and how to mind Ken (the Boss Doggie!

This practice reinforces all kinds of necessary dog training that goes beyond the convenience and safety of making your dog wait to go through doors, sliders, in and out of cars or fence gates, etc. This also helps the dog understand that YOU are the boss, which they love! They want you to guide them so they can do a good job for you. Starting with teaching your dog or puppy how to wait in the crate until you say it's OK to leave is incredibly important.

Crate Training is a Foundation of Dog Training And Is Based on Dog Instinct

Crate training is a good thing for dogs if done properly. Don't think it's mean at all because the create simulates the 'den', which is a natural habitat for dogs where they feel safe and on their own turf. Done incorrectly, of course, it can cause anxiety for the dog. So don't try crate training your dog unless you know what you are doing or have professional help. The last thing you want to do is just stuff an animal in a crate and make it stay there -- you need to take time to make the crate (den) a positive place for the dog with patience, consistency, positive reinforcement, etc. And never ever just throw you dog into a crate, especially as punishment!

Threshold Training is for Manners and Safety

There are more great videos about helping you learn about crate training and threshold control so that your dog is lucky enough to have it's own den to hang out quietly and feel safe whenever it's there. It will politely wait for you to go through any threshold or door until you are ready!

Need advice or want more information about how to help your dog be happy and obedient? Just call for your first FREE consultation and starter lesson over the phone. We are happy to help!

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