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Transforming Older Adult Dogs And Rehabilitating Rescue Dogs

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Many families don't know that their older dog is able to change its behavior and can still be trained to be more obedient or break bad habits. Even aggressive dogs or dogs who don't seem to respond to the family's training can be completely transformed with the help of a professional dog trainer. Rehabilitating rescue dogs with terrible habits is possible!

Any Dog Who Needs Rehabilitation Deserves Loving and Lasting Training

Some very short dog training programs taught by pet store programs or at group lessons in the park can be helpful. But chances are that those dogs and owners only get a fraction of the foundational 'state of mind' training that is lasting and deep. Sit, stay and come here are useful 'trick' commands. But truly content dogs who know how to mind in any situation and who don't develop bad or dangerous habits are exposed to more lasting foundational conditioning.

Professional IACP dog trainers are versed in all the tools and techniques that can be applied to any kind of dog training need. Once a bad habit is formed in an adult dog, it can still be 'rehabilitated', but usually the owners and dogs are not in a state of mind that will be successful without at least a little bit of re-training with the help of a professional, certified dog trainer. In most cases, the investment of serious professional help will completely transform a dog in as little as 3 weeks and will result in a lifetime of happiness in the home.

Well Trained Dog and Their Families are Happier -- And SAFER!

Even a 'cute' bad habit such as jumping up on visitors or pulling the leash in public to greet a stranger can have tragic results. One toenail into the eye of a toddler changes everyone's lives forever. And we all know of situations that are much worse. Even potty training issues can frustrate a whole family and change the level of affection everyone shares. You are doing the family AND your dog a huge favor by creating habits that make everyone feel joyful and safe.

Try "Board-in' training or Private Lessons To Get Help Transforming Your Older Dog or Rescue

Private lessons are a great way to train your dog while you are with it. But when you let a professional 'board and train' your dog it's like hitting a reset button. It has intensive 'start over' training with a human giving the right commands and energy, and it can relearn how to socialize with any human or other dogs in a safe environment. Ken J calls it the "your not in Kansas anymore" experience whee the dog get a clean slate and is returned to families who have also been given a second lease on life with their doggie (families get new 'training' too!)

Older Dogs Can Get A Customized Experience

Fairly old dogs can still get some select problems 'fixed' without going through an entire cookie-cutter experience. They won't be forced to perform all the behaviors that a younger adult dog would normally be asked to do. Let's face it, at some point it doesn't make sense to force an old doggie to relearn everything. But maybe the family's environment or situation has changed in some way that just a few critical tweaks can make the difference between a frustrated dog and family compared to a completely harmonious one... especially if potty training or fear and anxiety reactivitity are involved.

Need Help With Your Older Dog or Rescue Dog?

Just call to get some free advice. It's possible that we can give you some simple suggestions that work right away over the phone during your FREE 30 minute phone consultation. If you think more training is needed you can get all the information you need about that right away.... what are you waiting for?!

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